Brian Demidoff (Age: 31 years, UK)

Chest Pains for 6 months

  • Chest Pains for the last 3/4 years, on/off. Last 6 months more frequent.
  • Visited GP, fully examination and given all clear with no medication prescribed.
  • Pain was still persistent and still had episodes of chest pains. The pain sometimes last for over week.
  • Was introduced to Danshen and DCC.
  • At the start, there was fatigue and general lethargy. After 2 to 3 weeks, the pain eased off.
  • Completely stopped after the 4th week.

He Liyan (Age: 64 years, Malaysia)

Experienced 4 surgeries

Miss He Liyan. 64 years old, has suffered a lot of diseases these 20 years. She has experienced 4 surgeries i.e. breast cancer, hysterectomy, cholelithiasis, hemorrhoids. However, surgeries couldn't solve her problems. She experienced massive body ache especially at the joints. She also found bean-size-pustules from head to toe. She tried all remedies including Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, bloodletting therapy. She was desperate and need of help.

Her sister in law introduced Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule to her. A few days later she was relieved of her pain and pustules became flat and later disappeared. She is very grateful to Tasly, which gave her hope to live.

Mr C.P. Vagues (Age: 47 years, Malaysia)

Experienced tight chest

Mr Colin Peter Vagues 47 years old, sometime in October 2007 I experienced tight chest and I felt pain. I also had fainting spells, I was taken to the specialist and immediately the necessary test was done on me ,such as blood test and stress test but I was told that I was perfectly fine. A few days later, I had the same chest pain. I was taken to the emergency room and I had my angiogram done.

But after a few months, I was unwell, and the same symptoms reoccurred and I was told by my cardiologists that I should prepare myself for open heart surgery . Feeling devastated and not being able to work I lost hope on myself . One day, my wife's friend came along and recommended me the Danshen Plus Capsules and Dong Cong Cao. Just after two months, I felt so much better, and I could drive long distance again and I need not take drugs from my GP. I feel so much better and even my cardiologist was surprised with my speedy recovery.

My sincere thanks to Tasly.

Mrs. Hussein (Age: 37 years)

Photo Uavailable

Diagnosed with bartholin cyst

I am Mrs. Hussein age 37 years old, I was diagnosed with bartholin cyst for about two years. I am also a diabetic and I am currently on insulin and tablets.

I was in great pain and sometimes I could hardly move around to do my household chores or tend to my youngest child. My immune system was week and I was often tired and had bad appetite. The doctors advised me to go for a surgery to remove the cyst. I was so worried and I couldn’t make a decision.

Finally I was recommended to Tasly products by a good friend Suriya. She introduced me to Ms Celine and Mr Jude who used the nailfold machine to check my capillaries. Without pricking they showed me how irregular my blood flow was. The shape of the capillaries indicated my health condition.

They told me to try Wild Ginseng for my cyst and Margaret Plus Capsules for my Thyroid problems. After two months, my cyst disappeared and my hormones are well balanced.

Yunus Oruclu (Age: 52 years, UK)

Severe diabetic problemst

My name is Yunus Oruclu. I am 52 years old. I live in Norfolk. I had very severe diabetic problems. My hands and feet used to get very dry and very often it bleeds. I couldn't control my urine and to make it worse, I could hardly walk due to water retention in my body.

My condition worsened and I felt pain at my chest area. The doctors told me I had angina pectoris. My friend Abdul Ilyas, saw my condition and recommended me to some Traditional Chinese Medicine. He brought Ms Celine and Mr Jude to my place and they did the nailfold microcirculation test on me. They told me exactly what the doctors told me and I was told to try the Danshen Plus Capsules and Dong Cong Cao.

Within two weeks I saw the changes in me. I could control my urine and my water retention problem got better. The swelling of my limbs reduced and my diabetic reading was reduced. I do not have anymore chest pain. I am more comfortable with my body now.

Jude Lopez (UK)

Chest aches

I have been having slight aches/pains on the left side of my chest, just below my left armpits. I did not understand why there was these pains as I regular cycle and not overweight. I decided to visit the GP and was immediately sent to the General Hospital for a through check up and spent about 2 - 3 hours waiting and having all the necessary checks done to identify the root of the problem.

After the checks, I was told that there was nothing wrong with my heart and the doctors could not identify the problem. It was suggested that I take pain killers whenever there is a problem.

I was introduced to Tasly and was very skeptical of any Chinese herbal products. I requested that I be examined on the nail fold micro circulation equipment by one of the Tasly trained staff. On examination, I was told the reason for the ache and pain was that the circulation around my heart was thick and everytime I did any exercises this exerted more demand on the blood supply and this created the aches and pains.

I was advised to to take Danshen and DCC. Within one month the aches and pains had disappeared. I was very impressed with the effects of the herbs and would recommend any septics to have a go with these herbal products.

I also take DCC for sinus and hay fever and it has defiantly reduced the sneezing and itchy eyes. I can also assure there is no side effects from any of these herbal products eg.drowsiness or lethargy.

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